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MTDC presents a focused learning group working together to understand the evidence and make sense of the science to create advancements in practice.

The evidence-based movement is sweeping across the healthcare arena. This has brought confusion, overwhelm and friction within the massage therapy profession.


Because some of us feel threatened.

Even though we have a long history of helping people. Because some of us want to follow the evidence but don’t know where to start.

Some of us don’t know how to say it, explain it, market it. Yes, some of us even worry that it might mean less clients and less appointments.

We don’t know how to change our conversations with our past and current patients. Because what we have done has worked; and failed at the same time.

Many of us have spent time trying to read through journals, case studies and systematic reviews. And yet we keep on ending up with more tabs open than we actually have time and energy for.

I’m Jamie Johnston and I’m offering you the best way to build your expertise, grow your practice, and the most affordable way to get an edge over the competition and your competitors.

I believe that massage therapy is the best career in healthcare and pain management. But as wonderful as it is, MT careers are short-lived and have a high degree of burnout.

My mission is 2-fold:

1To help massage therapy occupy a bigger space in healthcare and society so it can be an empowering presence.

2To help people suffering through pain, injury, and limitations in living through scientific and evidence-informed treatments that work while saving them both time and money.

In order to achieve this, my approach is also 2-fold:

1To create a learning environment for massage therapists that revolves around updated science, evidence, and the biopsychosocial perspective

2To build a community centered on learning and applying their learnings compassionately while passionately growing the community and building up all of its members

It is a grand and challenging vision. But I know that nothing worth it comes easy.

I also know that the community we have now will continue to grow and will always share this mission and vision with me.

The process is the journey. And the journey is its own fulfillment. This is the easiest way to science. And the best way to evolve with the evidence.


1Most courses are self-preserving and short-sighted

Tissue-based therapies and guru-led techniques focus on treating parts of a person. Not THE person, and that limits not just the outcomes you can get for your patients, but also the growth of your practice and reputation.

2The TRUE experts in the industry are humble and STILL BUSY in their practice.

Many of them are still consumed with refining their craft and helping people to compete for our attention against marketers and social media/search engine algorithms. Some of them would rather build their reading list than their online following. That’s why we get distracted by the noise of online influencers instead of focusing on the sound science that’s ready and waiting to build our practice better.

3True learning, growth and expertise happens over time and requires continuity

No weekend course can compensate for this fact. We all need continuous guidance, support, and people to grow with.

4There has always been opposition against pain science and the modern understanding of individual pain experience.

Hence, the confusion and hostility we see online. Pain science is a body of knowledge meant for the understanding of the clinician. It is not a technique we use on the patient.

5Gurus don’t want to admit that there is a better way.

Because that will make it hard to sell their tools to our technique tool box which will never be filled and completed anyway. This leads to a maddening search for answers and techniques causing patients with serious problems and looking for long term solutions to jump from one practitioner to the next and coming up empty-handed.

6The courses we take will never teach us how to respond to our patients when they hit a wall in their recovery, plateaued, get an exacerbation or worse…get re-injured.

No. Only your seasoned colleagues can do that for you. And you need that skill because you are an interactor and not an operator. You do not fix people. You guide them towards recovery.

7The Biopsychosocial perspective takes the focus away from you, your techniques, and your beliefs.

Because you are just one part of the equation. The patient has lived the entirety of it. Any therapist invested in wisdom knows that there are no rockstars and superstars amongst us, neither should there be. And many of us feel disempowered with this truth when in fact, it is liberating because the burden of responsibility for another person’s recovery and well-being does not rest entirely on your shoulders.

8No one has pointed out the fact that Massage Therapy is in the best position to grow and succeed from applying science and evidenced-based principles in their practice.

Because no one has realized it, or they feel threatened by it. Except us at The MTDC of course. And we can teach you how to take advantage of that (and the ***3 ways to increase revenue*** [let’s discuss this later on]) INSIDE the membership. Want in now? Click here.

OUR Best Path Forward

Anyone who’s ever really tried knows the truth. Putting research into practice is HARD!

But you’ve never really let that stop you. You want the best for your patients and your practice and it shows.

We know that your struggle is real.

We’ve been there ourselves.

That’s why we came up with the only real solution there is:

The MTDC [theMTDC Community]

I Want To Grow With This Community (Yearly Plan / 2 Months Free) $269

It is for true professionals like you that have decided to rise to the challenges of evolving science and healthcare practice while delivering care that is scientific, compassionate, and effective.


Jamie has put together a well organized collection of articles, research and videos. Being a part of this membership has provided me with thought-provoking and clinically relevant ideas and troubleshooting for patients that I encounter. Guest speakers and active feedback have allowed me to be engaged as well as keeping my evidence based practice up-to-date. Highly recommended and thoroughly appreciated - Robert Bideshi RMT

Jamie is an excellent instructor; he is personable, supportive, checks in on you, and passionate about what he does.

Since joining, Jamie has secured presentations on various topics and I have continued my journey to an evidence informed practice because of memberships like this.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Well worth the investment. - Jocelyn Buitenhuis, Barrie ON

“The group Jamie has set up has been the single most beneficial thing I’ve done in my career. It’s the best course, mentorship, and community you could ask for all rolled into one.” - Kyle Enns RMT - Vancouver BC

After working as a massage therapist for 16 years, I still loved what I did but felt a bit at a loss of how to take my practice forward. I’d been following Jamie on Face Book and felt his posts stood out from the ‘noise’ and resonated with me. His approach is completely person-centred and coming from a background in the care sector, that’s how I work too. I was delighted when he launched his coaching programme as I didn’t want to do yet another course and learn yet another modality. I wanted to be able to dip in and out at my own pace and work with thought-provoking ideas that would develop my practice. I feel that’s exactly what I got. Jamie presents very clearly, is supportive, encouraging and friendly, and works with therapists ‘where they are at’, in terms of experience, and how much they want to engage with his coaching. The other major plus for me, was the chance to be in a community of therapists from around the world who are welcoming and supportive, and I would highly recommend this coaching programme. - Penny Thomas

Why a community?

Because the only way forward is for us to:

  • Navigate through the information
  • Manage the overwhelm
  • Find applicable and useful knowledge
  • Overcome the confusion
  • Learn from the mistakes of others
  • Learn from the success of others


And together is definitely better because:

No one has a monopoly on knowledge, learning, and EXPERIENCES.

Because people are highly variable. No one is exactly the same.

That makes it challenging. That makes it REAL and BEAUTIFUL.

Because some people are further along this journey than others.

And they are willing to reach out their hand and give you a good head start.


Because this makes it easier to help those who commit mistakes while learning not to fall prey to the same circumstances and situations.

We can uplift while we level up. A rising tide lifts all the boats.

But is THIS for you?

It’s not for everyone. It’s for those humble enough to admit their shortcomings and start a new.

For those willing to work hard enough to break out of their shell. Those who are strong enough to stand against popular opinion.

It’s for those who are committed enough to do what’s best for their patients.

And those who care enough to want the profession of Manual Therapy to grow and get the respect it deserves, as well as occupying a legitimate space in public health and nation building.

IT’S NOT EASY. – But we will make it POSSIBLE.

First of all, we are going BioPsychoSocial on all interactions.

That means being comprehensively compassionate and considerate not just to our patients, but to our colleagues and competitors as well. (We’ll teach that in the membership of course).

And yes, we’ll be like this on social media too. Practice leads to consistency.

But back to the challenge of the BPS lens.

It is difficult because our patients can live very different lives with very different demands and stressors under different physical and social environments.


They can have very different natural abilities to adapt to these demands

  • Widely different capabilities to cope with the stressors
  • Variable health status and fitness or wellness levels
  • Supportive and non-supportive relationships or social networks
  • Fall on different areas of the socioeconomic spectrum
  • While having an array of perspectives and personalities


Not only that…
Every individual has different proportions of the biology, psychology, and social-environmental contributing to their problem. The very reason they are talking with you in the first place.






General Well-being

These are all connected but each one might require….its own unique approach???

And we, as Massage Therapists, can and do help with all of those concerns.

  • Did you notice how we explained individuality, variable outcomes and the biopsychosocial approach?
  • Please take note because that is an example of how we explain current evidence to our patients.
  • The bridge between theory and practice is good communication.
  • We practice these in great detail and more inside the membership.
  • Even answers to secondary questions we expect to come next.


Overwhelmed? Confused?

We understand. Like we said, we’ve been there and we’re here to help.

The Massage Therapy profession has several advantages in addressing pain, movement, general health and well-being, as well as fitness and function.

Massage in and of itself, is a lead magnet.

And unlike manipulations and modalities, it is the most ethical way to do maintenance care.

Massage is the gateway that opens up to your funnel of services.

Manual Therapy

Therapeutic Exercise

Functional Movement

Communication and Education*** (more about this inside the membership)


Truthfully speaking, Massage Therapy is the best positioned profession to spearhead the application of evidence-informed and science-based practice.

I Agree. Where Do I Sign Up? (Yearly Plan) / 2 Months Free

Unlike other professions in pain management and rehabilitation, our identity should not be defined and tied-down with modalities and techniques that are not fully supported by science.

***(Which also means our marketing CAN BE the Most HONEST & ETHICAL there is!!!)***

We can easily evolve with science and its practical application unapologetically.

We can be who we are with no need to explain ourselves and what we do.

We touch people in a healing capacity to make them feel better. Touch that is both primitive and innovative in the context of its healing nature.

Primitive in that it has transcended the evolution of man and society as a basic need STILL.

And innovative because in the age of cutting-edge technology, automation, and instant gratification.... meaningful touch is still unparalleled and inherently valuable.

Add to that the significant amount of time you spend with the patients

  • Connecting
  • Relating
  • Helping
  • Caring
  • Guiding
  • Coaching

And ultimately building a strong therapeutic alliance. Possibly in a capacity that surpasses every other pain management and healthcare profession.

MTDC believes so strongly in this. And we want you with us as we become leaders in this space. Because people don’t care if you are a DC, PT, MD, MT or a personal trainer.

They already know you are licensed. What they really want to know is if you are legit.

And what makes you legit???


Results legitimize you and your practice.

People don’t really care what your profession is. They just want to know if you can really help.

  • Do you know what’s going on?
  • Can you help me or not?
  • Am I going to get better under your care?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • How long will it take?

What they really want and care to know is if you can help them move from point A to point B.

The greatest method of getting testimonials is simple: get your clients feeling good, moving better, and living their absolute best.

Easy. RIGHT?


But that’s why we’re here. And we are building (and GROWING!) a community of EXPERTS (that’s YOU, if you want) through education, mentorship and GUIDED APPLICATION OF LEARNING.

“Scientific secrets to help you get patients better, stronger and more functional while growing your practice AT THE SAME TIME!”

Clickbait? Maybe. —------------------ But we can make it true with theMTDC

How? Simple.

Greater level of understanding = Higher level of skill

Better quality of care = Higher outcome scores

Science shows you greatest probabilities versus least likely to happen.

If it’s less likely to happen, or there is no logic behind it, then you won’t do it. You’ll be less wrong. And more likely to be accurate.

The plan is not to be right all the time but to be helpful almost all the time.

Less time grasping at straws. More time applying principles. Less effort making it work and more time finding the right fit for the patient.

More connecting. More interacting. More exploring which probabilities will work.

And figuring things out together with the patient. Not for the patient.

  • Shared commitment.
  • Shared accountability.
  • Shared responsibility.
  • Shared problem-solving.
  • Shared success stories.

More time being the compassionate, kind-hearted, and caring YOU.

Yes, science helps you with all these.

Because science cares about how people feel. Oh you didn’t know?

The evidence has validated empathy, kindness, attention, listening skills, reassurance, and confidence-building.

Even as it has warned against the effect of nocebo, harmful words, fear and anxiety, depression, loneliness and isolation.

The evidence points to being human as the most humane way to help humans.

Cognitive-behavioral sciences and psychology are within the realm of our interactions.

One of the bigger predictors of the success of a therapeutic encounter is if the patient believes that it will be.

That’s why we want people to believe in RMTs and what RMTs are capable of!

And what are we capable of?

  • Massage therapy for general well-being
  • Manual therapy for specific benefits
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Mobilization and Mobility
  • Strengthening for Activities of Daily Living
  • Strengthening for return to work or simple recreation
  • Pre-exercise preparation and post-exercise relaxation
  • Movement education and re-education
  • Injury risk reduction and injury recovery


This is the SECRET other professionals don’t want you to find and uncover. This is the TRUTH waiting for you to be unlocked!

***Massage Therapists can KEEP THEIR CLIENTS and NOT REFER OUT.***

Give me that membership!



Science and the evidence base can EMPOWER US and our profession.

By removing fluff created by marketing and popular perceptions and opinions, pain management and functional therapies are reduced to their simplest and most essential form.

This removes barriers created by trademarks and professional groups which create exclusivity and division.

By removing the veil over our eyes known as the biomedical model.

How does this veil blind us? By insisting that there is always one structure on the body that we can point a finger at and blame it for pain… leading us down a witch hunt of sorts…distracting us from what matters most: the person seeking our help and their lived experiences.

We blame the discs.. Then the fascia..the nerves..the muscles..the joints.. Then we shift blame on the person receiving our care. Or sometimes, ourselves.

We add on one technique after another, then corrective exercise, then some piercing..scraping..suctioning.. When it never should have been about techniques in the first place!

What if instead of finding what’s wrong, we point towards what is right.Then we build on from there.

“Nothing could be more humanistic than using the evidence to find the best possible approach to care”

– Jules Rothstein


Your freedom from being “just” a technician and your open gateway to a holistic care model of treatment

(Or how science actually says being a more caring and considerate person might be the best technique)

BPS = Biology + Psychology + Social Environment

  • B- represents the physical body and its functions

  • P- covers the psyche, beliefs, perspectives, mood, mental & emotional health, and many more

  • S- refers to the different social environments, relationships, networks and personal interactions

The BPS Lens is not perfect, and yet it is the most complete way of looking at people’s pains, struggles, and challenges that we have at the moment.

It encompasses and yet bypasses the biomedical or structural model which only has an incomplete picture of the B.

We need it because it is THE BEST WAY we can perceive the totality of each individual we are trying to help along with the complexity of the lives they are living.


However, IT IS NOT EASY.

We know perfectly well —---- We’ve been in your shoes. We are STILL in YOUR SHOES.

But some people extended to us their helping hands. So now we’re giving you OURS as well.

Once you put on the BPS lens, you stop seeing problems to fix and instead see a person to help. But we see more than we’ve ever been ready to see, take in, and help with.

That’s why creating a community is so important. We learn from each other’s wins and failures, gain wisdom from each other’s reflections, develop insight because of shared perspectives, and “we celebrate each other”. The biggest challenge is that everyone is so different.

Different inherently, and different contextually. Every individual has a BPS composition. But they come in with different proportions of the B, the P, and the S. You will have to determine, along with their help, how much of the B, P, and S are contributing to their problem.

Only then can you create a chance for them to overcome their concerns by helping them with the BPS proportionate to what they need.

“I need to understand research, apply the BPS perspective, figure out each person’s BPS concerns, consolidate that and then help patients out with applied research as well!!!???”

Yes it is a DAUNTING TASK —---- but one that MTDC is eager to help you out with through membership in its community.

It takes a village to raise a child. Or so the saying goes. That’s why it takes a community and the right social environment to grow experts and leaders in a profession.

MTDC knows this too well. That is exactly why we’re here and why you have to join us!

We’ll help you with how to talk to your patients and ask probing questions politely.

You will learn how to shift perspectives and change beliefs for these are what you need to cause behavioral change.

We’ll be together examining our beliefs and experiences, and try to determine if they are helpful. Let’s work together on figuring out how to best explain your new learnings to your clients.

Case studies and systematic reviews can be exciting if explored as a group. We can figure out together how to say “I don’t know to the patient” and still have them follow your instructions using scientific evidence.

We will help you explain to them how their previous therapists and providers are not updated and lead them to make their own health decisions guided by evidence.

“I need to understand research, apply the BPS perspective, figure out each person’s BPS concerns, consolidate that and then help patients out with applied research as well!!!???”

Yes it is a DAUNTING TASK —---- but one that theMTDC is eager to help you out with through membership in its community.

It takes a village to raise a child. Or so the saying goes. That’s why it takes a community and the right social environment to grow experts and leaders in a profession.

MTDC knows this too well. That is exactly why we’re here and why you have to join us!


Make no mistake though. We go easy on the people.

Remember how we said earlier that we have to be more biopsychosocial with our colleagues too

What we have is not just a learning community. It is also a guaranteed safe space.

  • Questioning is welcome.
  • Skepticism is welcome.
  • Mistakes are acknowledged.
  • Resolutions are promoted.
  • Moving forward is encouraged.

Contempt, condescension, discrimination, and harassment are discouraged and not tolerated. Responsibility with accountability for each other and towards yourself is a group priority. Honesty and vulnerability are encouraged and protected.

Inside the community, we are not just mere professionals trying to get along. We are caring people practicing humanity in a dynamic and empathetic environment.

While we are not perfect, we always try to care more deeply and more compassionately. Be one of us and we will be one with you.


Approved for 10 credits with the CMTBC for Massage Therapists in British Columbia.

Can be used as part of STRIVE requirements in Ontario.

In addition, you will get discounts on my other courses including:

  • Modern Management Of Lower Back and Pelvic Pain
  • Clinical Applications of Pain Management Using Therapeutic Movement
  • Clinical Pain Science For The Low Back, Pelvis And Hips
  • From Feared To Function, Movement Integration Principles
  • Clinical Applications Of Pain Science: Manual Therapy, Exercise And Rehabilitation Principles For RMTs With More Coming!!

Come be an Insider and grow with us.

Here’s SOME OF THE GOODNESS that you’ll get INSIDE the membership:

Presenter Topic Date
Rajam Roose Becoming evidence based and developing the leading pain conference as a massage therapist 17-Feb-2022
Odette Wood RMT & Rachel Ah Kit RMT 27-March-2022
Dani Faucher RMT Long Covid and Massage Therapy April
Tara Miller Mind-Body Pain Management: Nervous system regulation techniques May
Laura Allen Clayton MT, Author Ethics in your massage therapy practice 06-June-2022
Richard Mlimoyle DC How to break the crack addiction - the evidence behind spinal manipulaiton July
Walt Fritz PT Crossing the chasm in evidence based practice August
Amy Busch Eicher The patient experience September
Whitney Lowe MT October
Graham Robertson RMT Communicating with other practitioners November
Steve Young PT Creating a therapeutic alliance 07-Dec-2022

The knowledge available inside is already worth more than that. The collective wisdom, growth and safe space inside is PRICELESS.